12 May 2008

Blogger: Cheri J. Crane ∙ New Neighbors Blogger

Okay, things are rolling now. The articles for our bloggers are showing up in the newsstands on the different blocks of yourLDSneighborhood.

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to a new blogger each blog until we get you introduced to all of them. For each block of the neighborhood, two of which have had major changes done to them, we have hired a blogger. So let's begin with the first block on the left.

New Neighbors morphed from the Travel Block and is undergoing an overhaul. It's a great place to drop by and visit the vendors as well as our blogger, Cheri Crane.

Cheri J. Crane has spent most of her life in Idaho where she loves the majestic beauty of nearby mountains, lakes, rivers, and huckleberry patches. (If you ask politely, sometimes she will actually reveal the general location of her favorite huckleberry patch) She has been married to Kennon D. Crane for 26 years (the lucky guy) and they are the proud parents of three sons: Kristopher, Derek and Devin. Kennon and Cheri are now empty-nesters with a grandchild on the horizon, compliments of Derek and his wife, Kristen.

Cheri is an LDS author---nine of her books have been published. These include the "Kate" series (Kate's Turn, Kate's Return, Forever Kate, yada yada Kate) as well as a humorous novel about a feisty Type 1 diabetic, [Incidentally, Cheri is a Type 1 diabetic. She is also known to be feisty. This is a falsehood.] The Fine Print, which is no longer in print and has become a bit of a collector's item according to a neighbor down the street who had a difficult time finding a copy, and her two latest novels: The Long Road Home and Moment of Truth. She is hoping number ten will be released sometime before the millennium descends.

1. What brought you to the Blogging World and what is your favorite thing about blogging?

I've enjoyed reading other people's blogs. Several of my friends and family members have blogs---it's a great way to communicate. My brother runs my website---we were always going to add a poetry segment. Then we caught on that it would be easier to do this via the blogging world. My brother attached my blog to my website and it's great because I can add a personal touch of my own whenever I want.

2. What intrigues you the most about blogging for yourLDSneighborhood?

A chance to touch a few hearts out there and make people smile, perhaps even laugh.

3. What is your favorite thing about yourLDSneighborhood?

It contains a lot of neat information and cool stuff. Trust me. ;)

4. Tell us a little about yourself: What your likes, dislikes, hobbies, hopes, dreams, etc . . .

I enjoy gardening, cooking, writing, hanging out with family and friends, and playing the guitar. I love working with the youth and I'm currently in round # 2 of serving in the Young Women in our ward. I dislike liver. I hope to be a wonderful grandmother (my first grandchild will be born in October---YAY!!!) One of my dreams is to travel around the world.

5. Tell us something unique about yourself.

I once milked dairy goats on our family acreage years ago.

6. What has been your greatest challenge to date?

Type 1 diabetes, suicide death of my father 24 years ago and the recent suicide death of my brother-in-law.

7. What books/projects/songs are you working on right now?

I recently submitted a manuscript to Covenant Communications. I'm calling this novel "Cry Uncle." It's a mystery that touches on the danger of sharing too much personal information on internet social networks like Myspace and Facebook. I'm currently working on another mystery I'm calling, "Blackout." This one involves a young woman who is suffering from amnesia.

8. What obstacles have you run into?

Well, let's see, there was the time I tripped and smashed into my china cabinet, effectively knocking myself rather loopy, then there was the time I glanced over my shoulder and walked into a huge ceramic vase in Las Vegas, effectively entertaining my children. We won't talk about the time I ran into a motorcycle parked right behind me, minutes after promising the driver that I could squeeze around his "bike" just fine. ;) There are many more items like this, but I think you get the drift.

Cheri will be blogging on Travel, Tradition and Culture. Drop by the New Neighbors block and check everything out, including Cheri's articles at the Newsstand.

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