07 June 2008

Blogger ∙ Linda Scanlan - Sports & Recreation/Movies

Today I'm going to introduce you to Linda Scanlan, our blogger for the Sports & Recreation block of yourLDSNeighborhood. Linda is city born, country bred and is a Navy veteran. Her blood runs red, white and blue and, without question, she has lived a varied and interesting life. The survivor of a head-on collision which rendered her bed-ridden for a year, where she then moved to a wheelchair, on to a walker and to walking without aid at all. The years since that accident have been filled with countless surgeries, excruciating healing and physical therapy and through it all, she never failed to care for her family: One loving husband and seven beautiful children. A children's author, Linda's book can be found in bookstores around the world.

1. What brought you to the Blogging World and what is your favorite thing about blogging?

My mind runs rampant with ideas and thoughts. Blogging helps me get all the information out of my head. In other words, it keeps me sane.

2. What intrigues you the most about blogging for yourLDSneighborhood?

I love helping others. This is my small way of improving the world and forwarding the causeof Zion.

3. What is your favorite thing about yourLDSneighborhood?

The articles are "real". The ads also help me connect with areas I am interested in. I found the "Food Calculator" here and have been telling everyone else about it. The calculator has helped me tremendously with my Food Storage Inventory. It has also showed me where some of my holes are.

4. Tell us a little about yourself: What your likes, dislikes, hobbies, hopes, dreams, etc . . .

I thought this was suppose to be a short interview!! I love reading, writing and watching movies. All three help me relax. I enjoy scrap booking and my calling. My pure and simple hopes and dreams are to simply live life, day by day. I want to continue living life to the fullest. I am surrounded by most of my children and some of my grandchildren. I visit family and friends. If I can continue to publish and make life better for others, then I am happy.

5. Tell us something unique about yourself.

Unique, unique, unique. Hmmmm? Since my head on collision I can usually win any scar competition!! I have one that starts 5" below my knee and goes clear up to my hip. I call this a brag right!

6. What has been your greatest challenge to date?

Learning how to let go. Being able to see beyond the past and focus only the future. My past is filled with abuse, rejection, trauma (physical and mental), mistrust and more. It took me years to realize that those people don't control me anymore. I had to learn to forgive. I had to learn how to live again according to the will of the Father. That was hard.

7. What books/projects/songs are you working on right now?

"Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful Woman" is a book about women's self-esteem. Thanks to the last answer I have great insight on this topic and felt that I could perhaps help others who doubt their royal heritage. I also have four more children's books waiting for a publisher to pick up and four more on the drawing board. Any one who says life is boring must not get out of bed in the morning! There is no rest for the righteous.

8. What obstacles have you run into?

With my children's books it is all finances. The cost to print illustrations is outrages. I am trying to find a publisher who can see the worth of the books instead of the monetary value they would be to the company. You can't say I don't dream big! Also the physical energy required to get out and promote my work is daunting to say the least.

9. What advice do you have to give to all the browsers in Blogland?

Everyone has something to say...so say it to the world.

10. If you had three minutes to give advice to someone headed into danger, what would it be?

Look at the long term effect of your decisions. Is the road your on where you want to be? Remember that not only is this moment going to pass, but so is mortality. What do you want to present to your Heavenly Father when you return to His presence?

So that's a little bit about our blogger covering movie reviews for yourLDSNeighborhood. Drop by every Monday and Thursday and check out the Newsstand on the LDS Department Store block. Linda will help you to know which movies are great for showing to your family and which ones you should take a pass on.

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  1. Candace: Nice interview, thanks for posting it.

    Linda: I loved where you said:
    It took me years to realize that those people don't control me anymore. I had to learn to forgive. I had to learn how to live again according to the will of the Father.

    That's something everyone needs to remember.


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