10 July 2008

yourLDSNeighborhood Huge Giveway in 14 Days

Fourteen days and counting. yourLDSNeighborhood has been running a tremendous promotion which is reaching its climax July 24th. For every person who signs up for the Neighborhood Newsletter they become eligible for one of the fantastic prizes we've got lined up. Your days are running out, my friends, if you want a chance at a free 7 day, 6 night trip to China or one of the dozens of other prizes up for grabs.

If you win, you and a friend will be on your way to visit one of the world's most exciting and historic cities. Located close to famous sites such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, you will be immersed in Chinese culture and enjoy the breathtaking panoramas this nation has to offer. Beijing offers something for every type of traveler. And what is this great trip valued at? $4,000 . . . all for signing up for and receiving the Neighborhood Newsletter.

So you might be asking yourself why yourLDSNeighborhood is willing to shower so many gifts on its customers. It's as simple as this: yourLDSNeighborhood burst onto the scene in 2007, bringing to the market a unique idea for a business. They launched a website with a unique design, a neighborhood comprised of blocks revolving around art, books, jewelry, sports and recreation, home and family and more. Businesses from around the nation leased buildings on the blocks, providing a plethora of shopping opportunities for the Neighborhood browser. They then launched the Neighborhood Jukebox where music can be downloaded. Oh, but they didn't stop there, they're not far from launching a radio station.

It's a wonderful place to visit, browse and shop. But one of the greatest things I like about yourLDSNeighborhood -- the Newsletter. It drops into your email inbox four times a week filled with wonderful articles, interviews, products and services . . . all with an LDS perspective.

So how do you visit this great Neighborhood? Simply go to http://yourldsneighborhood.com. How do you sign up for the Newsletter and become eligible for one of this great prize? Simply sign up for the Neighborhood Newsletter at http://yourldsneighborhood.com/Subscribe.aspx.

So come on over to the Neighborhood and join us. You might just win a 7 day 6 night to China!

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