15 September 2008

Ch-ch-changes at the Neighborhood

Some of the folks over at yourLDSNeighborhood's new social network, Neighborhood and Friends!

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Social Networks have invaded the Neighborhood.

Remember the Neighborhood of your childhood. Streets perfect for playing kick the can or freeze tag. Leafy trees shielding homes filled with happy families, sad families, perfect families and broken families, people from all walks of life and social strata. Backyard BBQs, driveway basketball games, hanging upside from the limbs of sturdy trees while eating M&Ms (yes, that didn't end well for me.) Anyway, the point is neighborhood's have a unique social effect. You can be clear across the world and if you run into another American the sense of connection is huge, you run into someone from the neighborhood and the sense of family is instant and solid.

Researchers at the University of Indiana stated the following in their study findings:

"We define social network sites as web-based services that allow individuals to (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature and nomenclature of these connections may vary from site to site."

MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, and Cyworld are quoted in the study. But what it boils down to, is people are spending more and more time online, for work, for research, for play and in so doing, often have no idea who the neighbor is right next door. That's not a good thing, by the way, in case anyone actually cares.

Connections are being made on the internet that are every bit as lasting and real and personal, as face-to-face connections. In Arizona, when a popular blogger, with readers from all over the world, was in a private plane crash with her husband, the blogging community united and began praying and fundraising. NieNie was in trouble and now they wanted to help. This is the type of virtual relationship which spilled over into real life.

Social Networks were created to give people a place to gather, communicate and share with friends and family online. These networks have exploded across the worldwide web and so there is little surprise that yourLDSNeighborhood has launched its own social network.

So here are the links to "hook up" with the Neighborhood in cyberspace.

First off, you simply must join the Neighborhood and Friends! Created by the Neighborhood, this is a fun place to associate with the customers and friends of the Neighborhood. But oh, we're not restricted to just that! Come and associate online with the authors, artists and musicians as well. Small business owners, established businesses and new businesses, we're all there. And don't stop there. Invite all your family, friends and peers to join you at Neighborhood and friends too All in all, it's a blast. I'm loving every single second of it! So welcome home to the Neighborhood.

You can also find the Nieghborhood on MySpace! And on Facebook! And on Bebo! See you around the Neighborhood!

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