24 November 2008

Utah Chocolate Show a Success!

The Utah Chocolate Show was amazing this year. Every year it just gets better and better and better. The cake decorating contest brings in professionals from all over the nation and their cakes were amazing things of beauty and physics defied. And yes, there is chocolate dipped everything! I promise. Mel Henderson and Michele Stevenett, who happen to be the sisters of author, Annette Lyon, are the ones behind the show. And every year, they do a fantastic job. This show is always so fun, upbeat and enjoyable. For both vendors and attendees. Every year I participate I just love it more and more. Even if I had no booth, I’d still go and have a blast.

yourLDSneighborhood sponsored a booth there and we promoted our new venture, www.positivemusicanddownloads.com, the iTunes of clean music. In other words, you will find no explicit lyrics or scantily clad women anywhere near our site. PositiveMusicandDowloads is much easier to navigate as well. We sold CD's, let people listen to music through Bose headphones which blocked out the background noise of the show and had a blast interacting with those wandering by.

It was fun. I was, however, working the booth with nothing but Utes! I was the lone Cougar in a sea of red. I tried to give extra discounts to Cougar fans but my boss laughingly put the kibosh on that! Good thing I like the guy.

We tried to watch the game on the internet, but the MTN doesn’t allow that, so Brock , one of my coworkers and a good friend, pulled up something called ESPN game cast. As we worked, we would look at the web and see, play by play, what was happening on the field. It was very cool, although we couldn’t actually see the game.

The show was so much fun! Gaylen and Denise Rust, the owners of yourLDSneighborhood, joined us at the booth along with Julie Boye, Curt Rust and Brock Arnold. We had a rockin' booth, I have to tell you!

We ended both nights of the Utah Chocolate Show with concerts sponsored by PositiveMusicandDownloads.com. Daniel Beck was the headliner and he rocked the house. What an astounding voice and his new CD has become my brand new favorite. To quote my boss, "I'm waiting to see how many times I can listen to it without getting tired of it." Hasn't happened yet. His new CD "Love Like That" more than lives up to its billing.

yourLDSneighborhood has a record label called Our Legacy. Dan’s CD is our first release. Holy Cow! That man can sing! I mean really, really sing. Warm, powerful voice that just pulls you into the song.

I bought the CD and I can’t stop listening to it. You have to take a listen. Go to www.positivemusicanddownloads.com and check him out him. I think he’s my new favorite singer. I’m buying three more CDs today to give to my family. Think Josh Groban without the nasally sound. Also, Josh is a 2nd tenor and Dan’s more of a 1st. Really loved being surrounded by great music the whole weekend.

We have some exciting plans for the Utah Chocolate Show next year. Stay posted to this blog because musicians and authors around the world are want to going to participate. Give us 3 months to nail down the details and we'll issues a press release with all the details.

In the meantime, if you didn't make it to the Utah Chocolate Show you really missed out. Good thing it comes around once a year.

Don't forget Dan Beck's next concert is coming up on the 25th of November. Rose Wagner Theater! You buy the tickets online at ArtTix. You better believe my husband and I will be front and center.

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