20 January 2009

Bloggers at the Neighborhood!

Everyone is doing it these days . . . blogging, that is. You can't go to a newspaper, news station, entertainment, company, etc. website and not have someone blogging about something. yourLDSneighborhood also has it's own bloggers. We're very cool, even if I do say so myself.

Of course you know there are multiple blocks at the Neighborhood filled with wonderful vendors, musicians, authors, artists . . . all great places to browse and shop. But did you know that each block has a Blogging newsstand that is at the end of the block? All you have to do is click on the arrow titled "More shops and blogs here" and you'll walk the block straight to our fantastic bloggers.

We have bloggers from all walks of life. So let me give you a little run down on each one and invite you to drop by the Neighborhood and enjoy ever aspect of this fantastic site along with our new . . . wait for it . . . radio station! Oh yeah, we're the ultimate in cool. Really!

The Arts & Entertainment Block has two bloggers: Gaynell Parker and Tristi Pinkston.

Gaynell Parker covers all things related to art. She is a middle aged mom who loves her amazing hubby, children and writing - though not always in that order. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, this great United States, cooking, writing, painting and reading. Oh...and anything chocolate. Writer, artist and mom, there's no question she always has great insights.

Tristi Pinkston is our movie reviewer and is an LDS historical fiction author with three published novels -- "Nothing to Regret," "Strength to Endure," and her newest release, "Season of Sacrifice." Tristi has two new book coming out this year, one in May and one in November. She also has three more completed and twenty+ on the drawing board. She is a stay-at-home mom, homeschooler, and media reveiwer.

Our Books Block has one blogger, our book reviewer Alison Palmer.

Alison Palmer is a book reviewer extraordinaire and is the author of seven published books who wears many hats. She states, "Obviously, writing is my favorite past time, but I also love to read (mostly juvenile and young adult). I like to spend time sewing, cooking, taking naps and long walks, playing piano or enjoying music, playing with my children and generally avoiding housework as if it were the plague."

On the Clothing & More Block we have blogger Nichole Giles.

Nichole Giles knows clothes and jewelry unlike anyone else I've seen. She lives with her husband Gary and their four kids ages eight to fourteen. When she has a spare minute, she is usually working on at least one writing project, and often several at once. Her current published works can be viewed in several children’s magazines including Highlights for Children, The Friend, and Boy’s Quest or at www.LDSWritersblogck.com. She is excited for the future publication of her first two book-length projects, which will hopefully be on shelves in the next two years.

With the Health & Food Block, we have Keith Fisher, our resident national Dutch Oven champion.

Keith Fisher blogs about all things Dutch Oven. He is a writer of fiction and his hobbies include Dutch Oven Cooking, Gardening, camping, and fishing. Keith has competed for years in outdoor cooking competions with his wife and they won the IDOS World Championship cook off in 2005. Keith loves to share tips, and advice which help you be the champion cook in your campsite or backyard.

No Neighborhood would be worthwhile without a block dedicated to Home & Family.

Again, Tristi Pinkston who is the mother of four children as well as an accomplished author, writes about all things surrounding home and family.

Our LDS Outlet Stores Block has great vendors as well as two bloggers: Heather Justesen and C.L. Beck.

Soon to be published, Heather Justesen, blogs about gardening and landscaping for the Neighborhood. She lives with her husband, one dog, two cats, four geese, seven ducks, a slew of chickens, a bunny, nine quail, and three fish in the small town where she grew up. She works two part-time jobs and works her writing in around the edges of my day. She rarely turns on the television or radio, and if she took a test on pop culture, she says she would flunk, but there are worlds in her head just fighting to get out, so she writes. She recently signed a contract with Cedar Fort for her first novel, to be published in early summer '09. She writes women's fiction, mostly romance, but not strictly, and is working on a non-fiction title as well.

And of course, our humorist is C.L. Beck whose unique style of humor has folks giggling at the crazy happenings in rural America. Her bi-weekly column, The Writing on the Wall, is a must read, and was awarded first place for "Best Feature Column" by the Utah Press Association in 2008, for category one newspapers. Her short stories have appeared in the nationally published anthologies, Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers, (titled, "Horse on Lap"), and Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors (titled, "Dancing in the Moonlight.") In addition, she has a story in Life is Like Riding a Unicycle, by Shirley Bahlmann (titled, "Priming the Pump"). She also has a short story in the upcoming My Dad is My Hero (titled, "A Whap on the Head," release date Spring 2009).

The Music Block is loaded with incredible musicians from all genres. Our blogger is musician Julie Keyser:

Julie Keyser blogs about all aspects of the music business. If there is one thing she is in this world…it’s passionate! One of the things she's most passionate about, besides her husband and family, is songwriting and all things musically inclined. This passion led her to become the Utah chapter head coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), a nonprofit organization aimed at help aspiring songwriters. She's been blessed through NSAI and various other musical organizations to get to know many amazing artists, musicians, and songwriters. Through yourLDSNeighborhood, I’ll be bringing many of these amazing musical Mormons to light.

The New Neighbors Block is where each new vendor is introduced for a week and as well as on their permanent block. Here we have author, Cheri Crane blogging about travel and traditions.

Cheri Crane is a published author and traveler. She is perfect for blogging on the New Neighbors block. Funny, informative and a grandmother!

Our Religious Block is a great place. Rebecca Talley blogs on all things spiritual and gospel related.

Rebecca Talley, a published author, lives on a small ranch with her husband, eight of her ten children, horses, goats, a dog, a cat, and a llama named Tina. She has wonderful insight into the Gospel and all things related spiritually.

The Scrapbook & Crafts Block is an oft visited block by our visitors and shoppers. It's just too much fun. Here, we have Kim Thompson blogging about scrapbooking and crafts. I had no idea there was so much to learn!

Kim Thompson is the mother of six children ranging in age from 5-16. Also an aspiring LDS fiction writer, she likes to play, read, scrapbook, write, cook, and loves learning new things. If you love to scrapbook or craft, this blog is a must read.

Our Services Block has great vendors and a great blogger who reached out across the world, Liz Adair.

Born in New Mexico; Liz Adair, a published author, lived in lots of places including Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah. She loves the Pacific Northwest, but likes to go back to the desert to nourish her roots. She is the mother of seven, grandmother of 15 1/2 and still counting. She teaches seminary--some of whom are said grandkids. Liz also work in construction management with husband, Derrill. Best of all, she believes that senior citizenship is the sweetest state of all. She does a great job of blogging about service around the world.

Our Social Networking Block is new and so much fun! We're all over the social networks and even created one of our own, Neighborhood and Friends (pssst, come and join us there)! Our blogger, Rachelle Christensen is great at helping intrepid internet travelers navigate the intricacies . . . or simplicities, of social networking.

Rachelle Christensen grew up on a farm in rural Idaho and still loves wide open spaces. Now she lives among the mountains of Utah. Rachelle is a creative person and loves writing whenever she can get the chance. As a stay-at-home mom of 3 and consultant for Story Time Felts the writing time is hard to come by, but the creative experiences are plentiful!

And of course we have to have a Sports & Recreation Block. Please . . . what is Mormon culture without sports & recreation? Steve Christensen is our resident sports expert.

Steve Christensen is a sports fanatic with a family of females--but now he has his own little boy! All is good and right in Steve's world.

And least, but in no way least, our Weddings Block. Also a very popular block, Danyelle Ferguson, an author and wedding planner, blogs about preparing for a wedding, the day of your wedding, your reception, your honeymoon . . . all things wedding.

Danyelle Ferguson is a self-proclaimed wedding addict. She truly loves weddings. When she was little, she fell in love with Cinderella and Prince Charming . . . and continues to dream about happily ever after. And she is happy to say her little girls are just as in love with Cinderella and happily ever after as she is. She is a stay-at-home, working mother with four wonderful boisterous kids. She is a: Writer, Book Editor & Reviewer, Mommy Extraordinaire, Queen of the Clan and a Daughter of God.

And those are our blocks and bloggers. Certainly worth dropping by every Monday and checking out what's new in the Neighborhood Blogland!

yourLDSneighborhood has added exciting new things to its website. Pake a look, browse around, check out our vendors, our radio station, the associated music download site, our authors, our musicians, our artists and more.

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  1. Candace,
    Thanks for mentioning my blog. That was so nice of you. And I have to tell you that's the first time anyone ever included me in the phrase, "Oh yeah, we're the ultimate in cool."

    Ah yes, if only the kids from high school could see me now! :)

  2. Oh, we are so cool, Cindy. And ditto on the "if only the kids in high school could see me now!)


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