31 March 2010

Personal Touch

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Whether Mother Nature is involved, or it’s manmade, if there’s an emergency and we’re at the center, we can’t ignore it, and should be prepared to face what’s coming. Rebecca Cressman hosts Barbara Salsbury in today’s Personal Touch interview. Barbara is a bestselling author and one of America’s leading authorities on self-reliance and emergency readiness. In her interview, Barbara says that this topic has been in her mind from an early age. She jokes that while girls her age had some kind of ‘hope chest’, when she got married she “… had 20 pounds of sugar and 5 pounds of flour.”

Our dear contributor Marie Ricks from House of Order bears her soul and how she feels about the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in her article “The Resurrection is Sure”. In this personal account, she shares with us an early experience in her life, and how that helped her later on, when she needed it the most.

We have Jen and CeCe from CraziBeautifulWomen share with us a different idea to decorate eggs, since it’s the season to do just that. The pictures in their website are amazing, and your Easter eggs will be mentioned by family and friends. So, if you want to be the talk of the town, come in and enjoy their post.

Guest blogger Dana presents a tutorial at V and Co. She brings a Peeps Bunny Bunting project to the site, and they’re sooooooooooooo cute! You look at the pictures and you can tell they’re not so hard to do. She has easy instructions and a downloadable pdf with the template needed for this craft. All too easy.

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