07 May 2010

Enjoy a Spring Friday

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

It’s finally warming up and turning into a beautiful, although still cooler-than-normal spring. We’re just getting ready for the weekend. Has anyone started their vegetable garden yet? I believe we’re going to wait another weekend and then go for it.

To start out the Friday, we have our contributor Cindy Beck, from ‘Write Up My Alley’, who brings to us a story of mischief and misunderstanding, that she can only think up, in her “Women are Smarter Than Men”. Read it and laugh.

Following that story, we have Cheri Heaton from “I am Momma Hear me Roar”. This is a very talented lady, who not only has a gift for sewing and crafts, but can also take pictures. You’ll love this “J Crew Knock-off Tee”, because she gives you all the details with great pictures, and it’s not an intimidating project.

The last entry in our newsletter is this Family Home Evening lesson from “Families in Zion”. It’s called “Hold Up Your Light!”, and it’s an easy way of teaching the family how to be a good example of Christ to people around them.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. Please enjoy Insideout's "We'll Bring the World His Truth."

To view a copy of  the Neighborhood News for Friday, 7 May's, please click here.

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  1. Thanks for the fine introduction ... and a terrific newsletter.

    The Knock-off Tee was so creative that I sent it to my daughter-in-law, who's a sewing wiz!


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