14 May 2010


Welcome to the Neighborhood News

The weekend is here!

To start our newsletter, we have author Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen from “My Favorite Things”, in her article “The Lord’s Yardstick”. She talks about how we feel sometimes, when we meet someone we think is ‘better’ than us. She says: “Have you ever said to yourself: That gal gives up so much of her time and money, I’m going to do everything I can to give as much as she does?” Do we get jealous of people, just because they’re doing something we’d like to do, but lack the time or desire to go for it? Can we get past that?

The gals from V and Co have this crazy good tutorial on how to heat press vinyl on t-shirts, or other fabrics. Check it out, they have a couple of the designs if you want them. I think half the fun is in having the machine that will allow you to cut your own designs (or the ones that come with your cutter). Just imagine all the posibilities.

FamiliesinZion.com has this great Family Home Evening. The purpose of the lesson is to help family members understand that the Lord values us by what's on the inside rather than what's on the outside.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. Please enjoy Heartbound’s “Because I Believe.”

To view a copy of the Neighborhood News for Friday, 14 May's, please click here.

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