09 June 2010

Have a Good Reading Time

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Ahhh summer. There's nothing like taking a short (or long) vacation, having backyard barbecues, reading a book, drinking a glass of cold, satisfying glass of lemonade, going to the pool.

Let's hit the books. To start, we have author Annette Lyon's contribution "Book of Mormon Marathon." Annette blogs at "Out of the Best Books", and her book "Band of Sisters" is out. She's telling us about this read-a-thon she and her family had over President's Day weekend, and what they learned from the experience. Have you ever had a read-a-thon with your family, or as part of  a young man/woman class? They're exciting, and thank goodness don't come around often. I remember one in our ward a few years ago. The Young Women president had planned one with the girls, but a third of the way into it they ran out of steam, so she invited members of the ward to come and join them to read to the girls. A lot of the members did go and help, which helped the girls pick up steam again, and they did finish it. Sometimes it takes more people than you think to accomplish one of these things.

Our next entry comes from Jennifer, who blogs at "Adventures in McQuill-land." Her article is entitled "Summer Reading: Encouraging a Reluctant Reader." In each family it seems there's always the one that likes to read and then there's the one that cannot be convinced to grab a book. Which one were you? Jennifer says: "Parenting a reluctant reader is particularly difficult if you, the parent, are a reader! How could my child NOT enjoy reading? What is there not to enjoy?" Then she gives us a few ideas on how to make a reluctant reader have a good experience reading.

Our last entry comes from a Random Sampler at LDS.org. Since we're dedicating some space to family reunions, we found this article with good ideas for your next family reunion planning time. I'm sure some of you have heard of some of these ideas, but overall, they're different and fun.

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