05 July 2010

Personal Touch

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Today, in our Personal Touch with Rebecca Cressman segment, she interviews Ryan Allred. Ryan is the 18-year-old founder of the Ryan’s Lion Organization, a non-profit corporation that distributes plush “courage” lions, called “Ryan’s Lions” to hospital Newborn Intensive Care Units and Pediatric Intensive Care Units where they are given to families of premature and stillborn babies, and to critically ill children. Lion recipients are encouraged to “take him, hold him and use all of his courage, and if someday you find someone who needs him worse than you do, pass him on.” A Ryan’s Lion becomes a unique expression of sympathy for someone who is struggling. Ryan maintains a website, http://www.ryanslion.org/ where lion recipients and other visitors can read stories of hope and courage from those who have received lions and passed them on to others.

Our friend and contributor Barbara Salsbury, from 'Three P's in a Pod' brings to us her article "You Need a Binkie in your Cupboard." She makes a good point, which is: "what we can do is resolve to do something, to create our own safe haven in attitude and action in our own preparedness program. Even if you are in a small apartment there has to be one corner that you can set aside to hold a few things that will benefit you. If you can’t create a 'safe room', plan and create a comforting 'safe corner.'"

The next article comes from Chris Pearson at "The Survival, Emergency Preparedness and Self Reliance Blog." His article is entitled "The Survivalist’s Instant Garden" and is a very simple reminder that we can garden anywhere, with what's in top soil bags. He explains his method of gardening, and I'm telling you, it's as simple as cutting up a bag of top soil and dumping your seeds in it. Check it out.
Our last entry is from Kaydee at "Food Storage Recipes." Have you ever made tin foil dinners? Well, her article is aptly named "Sum Sum Summertime" and it's got a few ideas on how to prepare this kind of meals. As an extra, I think they're also perfect for when you go camping, scouting, or for family reunions.

We hope you're having a great 4th of July weekend!
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