20 August 2010

Be Prayerful

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I believe we all think scripture study is something we have to do at some point of the day. But how important is it, really? And do we do it together as a family, or individually? Our contributor Jennifer Ricks, from ‘Cleaving Together,’ comments on this subject in her article “Scripture Study in the Car.” She tells us: “When my husband and I were first married, we knew that taking time for scripture study early in the day was important for our family, but we struggled to find time for it.” Her account is a good read, and makes you think about the sacrifices we want to make to get something great: personal and shared spirituality.

The ‘Executive Homemaker,’ blogger Julie Paquette has this cute craft in her website: “The Prayer Box Recipe.” To teach children how to pray, she put together this activity. You follow the simple A-C-T-S model and that way your prayers won’t be repetitive. Just pick an activity from each letter every night, and help your child say his prayers. Cute idea!

From ‘Families in Zion’ we get this Family Home Evening lesson named “Are You Saying or Praying?” With it, we aim to teach our children that prayer comes from the heart, that they’re ineffective if repetitious, and should always be sincere to reach our Father.

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