08 October 2010

Children of God

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 Next week it will be 518 years since Columbus came upon the shores of the island of Hispaniola, now the Dominican Republic. What are your feelings about that part of history? He’s been idolized and demonized by many. Our own Book of Mormon mentions a man that would find the remnant of the house of Israel in this land. Jennifer Ricks writes about him in her article “Christopher Columbus: Inspired or Miser?” She mentions being in grade school and “Do you remember those days? Along came the second Monday in October and we were folding captain’s hats out of newspaper and collaging the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria with red, white, brown, and blue construction paper.” Jennifer blogs at Your Library of Learning.

  From the Church News, we get R. Scott Lloyd’s article “'Rest of the story' on Pioneer Day.” He’s commenting on a talk given by elder Marlin K. Jensen at the traditional Days of '47 Sunrise Service in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on July 24. In elder Jensen’s words “It begins with the recognition that the Great Salt Lake Valley, at the time of the arrival of the Pioneers, was already home to several itinerant bands of American Indians." Numbering about 20,000, they included the Shoshone tribe to the north, the Goshute to the West, the Ute in the central and eastern regions and the Navajo in the southwest, he said. "The Pioneers no more 'discovered' the Great Basin than Columbus 'discovered' America," Elder Jensen remarked.”

 From Family Home Evening in a Snap, contributor Tracy put together a lesson “I Am a Child of God,” to teach your family about similarities and differences between people, emphasizing the fact that we are all children of God. We should make a point to remember this most important of lessons from our Heavenly Father: we are all His children, without exception.

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