20 October 2010

Let's Not Be Casual

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 From our friend at House of Order, Marie Ricks, we get her article “Organizing Prescription Paperwork.” She has so many great ideas; we have a treat every time she contributes. She tells us: “First, it is wise to handle the paperwork that comes with prescriptions as soon as they come into your home.” We all have (or know of) someone who’s under prescription medicine. This is a great article to have handy, to help us organize ourselves.

At LDS Blogs, we found the following article, written by Gale, entitled “Spiritual Dangers of Casual Disregard,” who makes us realize how easy it seems how we allow casualness to slip into our lives. If you’re familiar with the TV shows from the 50’s, you’ll remember how they portrayed married couples. Now Gale says: “standards have declined until extra-marital sexual encounters are the norm. The slow introduction of this practice has brought about a certain familiarity, and familiarity has bred a casual disregard for the sanctity of virtue and chastity.” We cannot allow ourselves to feel so casual about these topics, because it will become our norm, and we’ll let our guard down and let other things slip in and change our moral standards.

 Elder Dale G. Renlund wrote his article “Preserving the Heart’s Mighty Change,’ which was published in the Liahona in November 2009. He tells us: “A heart transplant can prolong life for years for people who would otherwise die from heart failure. Surprisingly, some patients become casual with their transplanted hearts. They think that because they feel good, all is well.”

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