12 November 2010

Fun Preparations

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

At House of Order, contributor Ardeth Haskin wrote her article “Fun for Holiday Preparation.” She’s sharing with us one of her family’s traditions for the holidays. She says: “As the kids were growing up we started a tradition in our family, “The Auction.” Starting the day after Halloween, the kids would start earning money for the Auction. It was fake money and had to be earned by doing household chores.”

 Tasha, from Creation Corner is really taken by pumpkins. She’s come up with a bunch of different crafts to make pumpkins: wood, fabric, etc. She tells us: “I love seeing pumpkins in stores, on doorsteps, as decorations, in the pumpkin patches. I love to eat pumpkins...well, things with pumpkin in them.”

 At Sugardoodle, they have a family night lesson entitled “Building Our Family Through Home Evenings.” They tell us that with this lesson, you can help family members desire to be an eternal family, and help them to decide how they can use family home evenings to achieve that goal, and have fun in the process.

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Have a great time this weekend; we hope you enjoy it with your family. Please send us a few words in the comments section; we'll love to hear from you.

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