07 January 2011

Create Good Habits

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“Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed.” (3 Ne. 18:21)
It’s so easy to forget to say our prayers. We get too busy, we find excuses –I’ll do it later, promise- and later turns into days and weeks.

At the start of a new year, it’s good for us to remember the Lord and decide to get on our knees, ask for forgiveness and start ourselves anew, invigorated and resolute to do what’s right.

We should remember that we’re responsible not only for ourselves, but our children also, if married and with children.

Elder Groberg, of the Seventy said: “Our Father in Heaven wants us to have strong, loving families. One of the great helps he has given us to achieve this is family prayer.”

“We come to this earth charged with a mission: to learn to love and serve one another. To best help us accomplish this, God has placed us in families, for he knows that is where we can best learn to overcome selfishness and pride and to sacrifice for others and to make happiness and helpfulness and humility and love the very essence of our character.”

“Can you detect that if we do not pray in our families always they may not be blessed—or at least not so fully?” Source: here.

So, as the start of this New Year, let’s make it a great year from the beginning, by getting in the habit of having family prayer. If this is what you do daily, would you share with us your experiences?

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