17 January 2011

Personal Touch

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In today's Personal Touch, Rebecca Cressman interviews Quinn. Quinn Curtis is the "Artistic Mom" of four children ages 5, 3, 2, and 4 months. Her blog the “TheArtisticMom.com” is dedicated to “Creating Beauty in Life, Motherhood, Food Photography and the Pursuit of Happiness.” A skilled food photographer, Quinn believes there is an artist in every woman and her blogs, vlogs, and artistic mixers are designed to help other women tap into their own creativity to find fulfillment, peace, & love in everyday life. Web: http://theartisticmom.com/

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I love to see the temple, I’m going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit, To listen and to pray.
For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty.
I’ll prepare myself while I am young:
This is my sacred duty.
Children’s Song 95

I remember these words so clearly sung by my Sunbeam little girl. They touch my heart in many different ways. Even though we’d been to the temple with her already, to have her sealed to our family when she was just six months old, she doesn’t remember being there.

Since I was a young woman, I’d made the commitment to be worthy to go to the temple some day. I grew up in Argentina, and at the time (1970s) there were no temples in South America. I remember in 1975 when President Kimball came to visit, and people from four different countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile) gathered in Buenos Aires to listen to our Prophet. Among them, there we were, the youth of those countries, eager to see someone we’d just heard about.

Since it was a three-day conference, President Kimball had a special meeting with just us, the youth. In that meeting he talked to us in that raspy voice of his, a voice that to this day I can recognize when I hear it. He taught us in a loving way, and admonished us to be obedient and to strive to get married in the temple. That was a difficult commandment to follow, since the closest temple was in Los Angeles, California—by flight. The Mexico City temple was geographically closer, but there were no direct flights there.

Then came the proclamation on the Priesthood, and the announcement that there would be a temple in South America: the Sao Paulo temple in Brazil. That was a momentous occasion for a lot of people. I remember seeing our Youth leaders, the ones that were dating, making sacrifices, so they could go and get sealed in the temple of the Lord.

I did accomplish my dream of marrying in the temple. I met my husband, and after many months he proposed, and we were married in the Salt Lake temple. Our boy was born to us in the covenant, but our family was not finished, our little girl had to come a different way to us. I always say that I have a child of the womb, and the other one is from the heart.

I know that my responsibility doesn’t end by just having children. I need to teach them about the temple, and how important it is to their salvation. That is my own sacred duty.

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