14 February 2011

Personal Touch

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In today's Personal Touch interview Rebecca Cressman interviews Clair. Clair Mellenthin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with high tech ideas on strengthening marriages. She most recently presented a seminar on 4G Intimacy: Staying Connected in the Modern World at the 2011 Northern Utah Marriage Celebration. Since the digital world is quickly changing, Clair works with couples to help them understand how social networking, text messaging, and computerized communication changes interpersonal communication. Clair specializes in Family Therapy, High Conflict Marriages, Parenting Issues, and is the Director of Adolescent Services at Wasatch Family Therapy and is Adjunct Faculty in Social & Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University. Clair obtained her MSW from the University of Southern California and is the mother of three young children.

Web: http://www.wasatchfamilytherapy.com/therapists/clair-mellenthin

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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Valentine's day or where the name came from?
Here's an excerpt from a 1974 New Era:
"The original Valentine was a priest in Rome and had little concern for cupids, hearts, or loving couples. He was executed on February 14 in the year 270 for assisting Christian martyrs. His connection with matters of romantic love is entirely coincidental. When the Romans invaded Britain they substituted the names of Christian saints in pagan celebrations. One of these festivals, Lupercalia, traditionally held on February 15, was renamed in honor of Saint Valentine because of the proximity of the anniversary of his death."

So, what are your plans for the day? Do you enjoy sending Valentines to friends?

Happy Valentine's Day!
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