21 March 2011

Personal Touch

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Jean Knight Pace is a busy mother of four children. But on January 1, 2011, she challenged herself to feed her family of six on just $6 a day for the whole year. She outlined her "Rules" for budgeting, cooking, and eating and put them in writing. She also created a blog called The Tasty Cheapskate and began sharing her success, her mistakes, her lessons learned, and, best of all, her recipes. She's also challenged others to join her as fellow Tasty Cheapskates and on her blog you'll find their ideas too. Jean Knight Pace holds a BA in music and an MFA in creative writing from Colorado State University. Jean, her husband, and 4 kids--ages 8,6,3, and 1 live in southern Indiana.

Web: http://tastycheapskate.blogspot.com/

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With all the feelings involved in troubled marriages, there's consolation to know that we have direction from our Church leaders. Here's a Mormon Message entitled 'Marriage and Divorce.'

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