15 April 2011

Just Do it

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"Any excuse for non-performance, no matter how valid, weakens character." Spencer W. Kimball

President Kimball encouraged us to be active, to do what’s right, to keep journals, plant gardens, do missionary work, work on our genealogy, be faithful to our spouses, enjoy family life and respect each other.
There are so many activities we could be involved in, the list above I took from just one talk President Kimball gave back in May of 1978, ‘The True Way of Life and Salvation.'
All we need to do is make a decision about what we want to do with our lives and just go for it. If a prophet of the Lord in these last days tells us that we should plant a garden or keep a journal, shouldn’t we do it? There may be skeptics who probably think we don’t have to do everything is asked of us in the scriptures. Or that we may be given a few stripes and then we'll be saved in the Kingdom of Heaven with our Father.
I wonder how many of us are willing to gamble their eternal lives on an assumption.
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