27 April 2011

Tips for You

Welcome to the Neighborhood News
Since we’re talking about ‘tips’ today, I found tips for an array of different topics.
Wheat Storage Tips
Plastic trash bags should not be used to store wheat. According to reports, some chemical residues migrate from this type of plastic into the wheat. If you’ve already stored in this manner, probably you do not need to discard the wheat; simply transfer it to other appropriate containers.—ClaytonS. Huber, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Brigham Young University.
Moving Day Tips
Because our family has moved 12 times in 16 years of marriage, I have greatly appreciated service rendered by Church members during our various moves. Here are some suggestions for helping make someone’s moving day go smoothly.
·         Help pack.
·         Provide food.
·         Offer child care.
·         Help load trucks.
·         Clean Up.
·         Address sleeping needs.
·         Welcome move-ins.—Lydie Strasburg, Warner Robins, Georgia
Every now and then, you’re going to be asked to speak in a Church meeting. It’s inevitable. But do you feel a bit uncomfortable about your ability to prepare and present interesting talks? Following are several simple steps that can help you prepare for a successful experience.
·         Select a subject.
·         Identify your purpose.
·         Research the subject.
·         Organize your material simply and logically.
·         Introduce the subject with a scripture, story, example, question, or other attention-getting method.
·         State the purpose of your remarks.
·         Develop each idea that supports your purpose with an analogy, illustration, or explanation.
·         Conclude by repeating the point simply and directly.
Practice your presentation. Get someone to listen to you, or practice in front of a mirror. As you rehearse, anticipate the reactions of the congregation.
Are there any tips you’d like to share with us? We’re always looking for good writers who’d like to share with the rest of us. It may be you.

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