23 May 2011

Befriending Others

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How do we know when we find a true friend? I read a lot of blogs (there are all kinds) for this job, and I once found one where the blogger talked about making new friends in a new city, and how hard it was to ‘couple date.’

Let me share this story from October 1992 FYE:
True Friends,True to the Faith, by Ron R. Munns:
“It was the boy’s first week in high school—a new school, a new town, far from friends in the large ward where he had spent the past six years.
Who would be the friends he so desperately wanted and needed? Would they include the easygoing guy who had offered him a ride home—and shown him the cache of lurid pictures hidden in the door of the beat-up old car? Or the popular group of athletes in his history class who were waiting to see if he would share what he knew during the upcoming test? Or maybe the guy and gal in his language class who quietly did their best—and encouraged others to do the same?
That Sunday in the small branch he attended, the boy found a handful of young people from high schools throughout the area. One, a priest who was two years older than he, became a friend immediately. The friendship grew through weeks and months until the younger boy eventually found himself with an example to follow as his older friend accepted a mission call.
Looking back, the man who was that lonely boy in a new high school now understands that his true friends were the ones who encouraged him to be and do his best. They included that priest who was his example, the high school classmates whose goal was growth, and two adult home teaching companions who drove many miles to serve.
Young people often drift into friendships with peers who are simply available, either in the neighborhood or in school. But they can be taught the importance of carefully choosing good friends—friends who are good for them, who help strengthen and encourage them. Sometimes, when young people don’t understand what real friendship is, parents are able to help them see that a true friend is one who makes it easier to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

It’s great to be one who can encourage and guide others to do their best. That’s true friendship.
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