06 July 2011

The Fall and Grace

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It seems that we women sometimes feel discouraged about our purpose in life or have a hard time finding our worth.

We share the following excerpt from a BYU devotional address given by Elder M. Russell Ballard, Women of Righteousness:
“As President Joseph Fielding Smith (1876–1972) explained, “The Lord offers to his daughters every spiritual gift and blessing that can be obtained by his sons” (in Conference Report, April 1970, 59). All of us, men and women alike, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and are entitled to personal revelation. We may all take upon us the Lord’s name, become sons and daughters of Christ, partake of the ordinances of the temple from which we emerge endowed with power, receive the fullness of the gospel, and achieve exaltation in the celestial kingdom. These spiritual blessings are available to men and women alike, according to their faithfulness and their effort to receive them.”

We have all been given the same promises. It’s up to us to make sure we receive them.

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