12 August 2011

For Your Own Good

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We'd like to share this note from the Mormon Messages page:

The Book of Mormon: What the Broadway Musical Misses

You may have heard about the Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon. You probably already know that reviewers have said that it isn't exactly a family friendly play. Here is the Church's response to the play:
The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but The Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.
—Official Church Statement on the Book of Mormon Musical

Experience tells us that years after The Book of Mormon play has faded from the spotlight on Broadway stages and elsewhere, the volume of scripture will continue to quietly strengthen families and promote Christian values.

Share The Book of Mormon

The recent interest in The Book of Mormon gives us a great opportunity to share our beliefs. Mormon.org has a page about the Book of Mormon that describes very clearly what the purpose of the book is. Here are some ways you can share the page, including a video that introduces The Book of Mormon and an opportunity for visitors to request a copy.

• If you have access to a blog or web page, you can describe how The Book of Mormon has influenced your life and include a link to http://mormon.org/book-of-mormon so that people who read your web page can learn more about The Book of Mormon.

• You can embed the video directly into your website or blog as well. Once you've played the video you will see the link to copy the code to your clipboard. Simply paste that code in the appropriate spot on your website or blog.

• You can also visit the Mormon.org Book of Mormon page and "Share" it using your Facebook account. Doing so will allow your Facebook friends to recognize your interest in The Book of Mormon.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to go forth into the world, and the Internet is becoming a powerful tool for spreading the word. You can help others learn more about The Book of Mormon by sharing your testimony and truthful information through your blog or website, or by sending them an e-mail message containing links to official Church sources.

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