01 August 2011

True to the Faith

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Nothing better to remind us of traditions and why we LDS members do what we do than going on a good old fashioned trek. We were reminded of the reason the pioneers crossed the frozen plains: to live their religion peacefully, to make and keep covenants with the Lord, and to build another temple.

In the March 1993 Ensign, Richard N. Holzapfel wrote Every Window, Every Spire Speaks of the Things of God. In it, he said:

"'I went through frozen mud and slush with my feet tied up in rags,' wrote one anonymous Latter-day Saint who attended the icy ground-breaking ceremonies for the Salt Lake Temple on 14 February 1853. 'I had on a pair of pants made out of my wife’s skirt—a thin Scotch plaid; also a thin calico shirt and a straw hat. These were all the clothes I had. It was go that way or stay at home. … I was not alone in poverty; … there were many who were fixed as badly as I was.' He was one of thousands who arrived at an early hour for the ceremony, scheduled for eleven o’clock that morning."

Do we take for granted what our forbears had to endure to get where we are now? Do we fully enjoy the blessings that the temples bring?

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