05 November 2007

They came. They saw. They subscribed to the yourLDSneighborhood.com newsletter. And…They won!

It’s really that easy!
Below are our first neighbors to win the giveaways from yourLDSneighborhood.com.

$250 American Express Gift Cards:
These neighborhood subscribers simply told their friends about the yourLDSneighborhood newsletter (formerly exclusivelyLDS.com)
and they won $250 American Express gift cards:

Melanie A. Utah
Damien S. Utah
Larissa S. Pennsylvania

A $250 American Express gift card is given away every month. All you have to do is tell all your friends about the yourLDSneighborhood.com newsletter and you will have a chance to win! Click here for information

These subscribers won CDs of LDS music just for being a subscriber of the neighborhood newsletter.

Michael O. Nevada
Curtis P. Georgia
Marilyn L. Colorado
Janet J. Utah
Theresa S. Florida
Judy M. Michigan
Morris T. California
Linda H. Minnesota
Maureen G. North Carolina
Elizabeth E. New Mexico
Erin H. Utah
Roger H. Utah
Kerry B. Arizona
Shon B. Virginia

Shirley C. from Colorado won an ipod and $50 worth of LDStunes. We appreciate her “thank you” email. It looks like Shirley and her husband are heading off on a mission. We wish them the best.

BIG DAY in the Neighborhood…
On December 24th we pick our winner for the cruise
to the Mexican coast or the Caribbean. We also give away another ipod with a $50 gift card for music and another (5) CD’s plus the $250 Tell-a-Friend American Express gift card.
This is all so good. Don’t miss out! Subscribe today.

Subscribe now to the yourLDSneighborhood.com newsletter so you have a chance to win! And please shop at all the stores in the new website at yourLDSneighborhood.com.

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  1. Have the winners of the December and June cruise been announced? What about the trip to China winners?


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