26 May 2008

Blogger ∙ Keith Fisher - LDS Outlet/Dutch Oven

We ran into a little bit of a quandary on what our bloggers should cover in the Newsstands of the LDS Outlet and LDS Department Store blocks. The answer came to me in a blinding flash of the obvious. I checked around Blogland for people who covered things interesting to LDS People and found C.L., Keith, Barbara and Linda.

Keith Fisher is the brave lone man in a slew of women bloggers for yourLDSNeighborhood. He brings his incredible Dutch Oven Cooking skill to the block to give you tips, tricks and advice on how to make the best of your Dutch Oven.

Keith Fisher is a writer of fiction. His hobbies include Dutch Oven Cooking, Gardening, camping, and fishing. he has competed for years in outdoor cooking competions with his wife and they won the IDOS World Championship cook off in 2005. Keith loves to share tips, and advice that will help you be the champion cook in your campsite or backyard.

Keith answered a few questions for us, the same questions every other Neighborhood Blogger has been asked. It's sure been interesting to see the variety of answers:

1. What brought you to the Blogging World and what is your favorite thing about blogging?

A couple of years ago, I was asked to join the LDS Writer’s Blogck as one of the weekly writers. I discovered a showcase that helped me improve my talents and get noticed.

2. What intrigues you the most about blogging for yourLDSneighborhood?

I love to write and I love outdoor cooking and camping. I can mix two of my favorite things

3. What is your favorite thing about yourLDSneighborhood?

It is a trusted resource of timely and appropriate information for LDS parents and families.

4. Tell us a little about yourself: What your likes, dislikes, hobbies, hopes, dreams, etc . . .

I hope to be a published author of books that can change lives, and write full time. I like spending time in the mountains with my family. I dislike mean spirited and selfish people. My hobbies seem to center around the outdoors.

5. Tell us something unique about yourself.

My wife and I won the 2005 IDOS World Championship Dutch Oven Cookoff. We made Guard of Honor Pork Roast, Braided Butter Bingo Bread, and Orange Coconut Almond Cake

This is Candace. Keith made a wonderful Dutch Oven Dinner for our writers critique group that I hear blew everyone away. I missed it . . . yeah, I'm sad. Oh well, I live in hope he'll be willing to go through all the work again and I'll get to taste this food everyone has been raving about.

6. What has been your greatest challenge to date?

Getting out of bed is the greatest challenge I face every day.

7. What books/projects/songs are you working on right now?

All of them—seriously though, I am working on twelve novels at the same time. Three mysteries, one fan-fiction, one historical, and the rest are contemporary. One book is in the hands of a publisher, two are in editing Two more are in re-write. The rest are in various stages of development. When I get stuck or tired on one I work on another for awhile.

8. What obstacles have you run into?

The biggest obstacle is keeping characters and events separate when I move from one book to another.

9. What advice do you have all the browsers in Blogland?

Don’t assume everything you read is true. Glean what you can and move on.

10. If you had three minutes to give advice to someone headed into danger, what would it be?

Keep your head up and your mouth shut. Pray about it and wait for the answer.

Keith is a valuable asset to yourLDSNeighborhood. We are so excited to have him on board. I, for one, have broken out my Dutch Oven and wait every week for his tips and advice. Check him out on Mondays and Thursdays on the LDS Outlet Block.

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  1. I googled Keith Fisher because he reviewed a book I co-authored (Surprise Packages) on LDS Writer's Blogck and I wanted to learn more about him.

    I not only found this immensely interesting interview--how many hours does Keith have in his day, I'd like to know!--I discovered this wonderful site. It's definitely going on my list of favorites.


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