02 June 2008

Blogger ∙ Heather Justesen - LDS Department Store/Gardening and Landscape

Heather Justesen has taken on the task of writing for our LDS Department Store block, covering gardening and landscaping. We, at yourLDSNeighborhood, are so excited to have her on board. A small-town girl at heart, she will walk you through the intricacies of making sure your garden flourishes and your yard looks fantastic.

Heather lives with her husband, a dog, two cats, four geese, seven ducks and a slew of chickens, in the small town where she grew up. She works two part-time jobs (EMT being one of them) and works her writing in and around the edges of her day. She rarely turns on the television or radio, and if she took a test on pop culture, she's convinced she would flunk. However, there are worlds in her head just fighting to get out, so she writes. She writes women's fiction, mostly romance, but not strictly, and is working on a non-fiction title as well.

1. What brought you to the Blogging World and what is your favorite thing about blogging?

I came into blogging both because it's something most publishers expect from their authors, and it gives me an extra avenue of exposure for my writing--it's a natural kind of progression for a writer. It's also a way for me to be able to talk about things that matter to me, whether that's sharing my experiences with my outdoor projects, talking about my animals, or whatever. Oh, was I only supposed to list one thing?

2. What intrigues you the most about blogging for yourLDSneighborhood?

It's a great community to be part of and I'm looking forward to the challenge of writing twice a week on gardening subjects that are particularly relevant to us as Latter-day Saints.

3. What is your favorite thing about yourLDSneighborhood?

The diversity of topics I can learn about through the different areas in the neighborhood and the collection of writers out there.

4. Tell us a little about yourself: What your likes, dislikes, hobbies, hopes, dreams, etc . . .

I love spending time in the yard; watching my chickens, ducks, and geese chase each other around; writing; reading; and really hope to be published soon! I dislike the scratchy eyes and stuffy nose I get from dealing with the wild rye in my yard, hot oatmeal (mush) and canned peas.

5. Tell us something unique about yourself.

I'd way rather read a book than turn on the TV, and I hold conversations with our animals--but perhaps that's not so unique after all.

6. What has been your greatest challenge to date?

Deciding between Brownies Over The Moon Ice Cream and Fudge Ripple? No, really, I've had my share of challenges, but looking back none of them seem all that momentous compared to my mom's fight with breast cancer, or the young mother in my stake who lost her husband in a fire last year. I think it's all relative as even people with the most placid-looking lives have difficulties, and those who lives appear to be nothing but upheaval have calm moments. The real challenge is keeping those difficulties in perspective and trying to hold onto our faith that things will work out in the Lord's time.

7. What books/projects/songs are you working on right now?

Besides getting my yard (and house) in order--both never-ending projects--I'm editing a great story about a woman who is left as a single parent after her husband is convicted of fraud. My critique group has really helped keep me on track with this story, so it's coming along nicely.

8. What obstacles have you run into?

Myself. I love to procrastinate, or rather, I hate that I procrastinate, but I do it anyway. The book I'm trying to get published now could have been in the publishers hands a year earlier, but I kept putting off the final revisions. My vegetable garden should have been prepped and half planted weeks ago, but I've just barely gotten things going. I let life and distractions keep me from my goals. Perhaps it's the ADD in me.

9. What advice do you have all the browsers in Blogland?

Don't let yourselves get addicted to the computer--well, except for my blog, of course.

10. If you had three minutes to give advice to someone headed into danger, what would it be?

Keep a prayer in your heart and trust the Lord. Listen to the whisperings of the Spirit and stay aware of the situation around you. Our skills and the Lord's guidance are all we have to protect us in a dangerous situation.

And there you have it, our Gardening and Landscaping blogger. Drop by the LDS Department Store block twice a week and check out the Newsstand Articles. That's where you'll find Heather and her great advice. And Heather, don't feel bad, I'm just getting my garden planted this week. I meant to have it in four weeks ago too, it just didn't happen.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Heather!

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