02 October 2008

yourLDSneighborhood Ideal Employer

yourLDSneighborhood is not only a great place to socialize and shop, they are a dream employer. Really. They've gone totally green. 90% of their employees work from home using a completely virtual office in order to complete their duties and responsibilities. The bulk of our work is done via telephone and internet, which is wonderful.

Looking at today's economy I find myself wondering why more employers don't look at this option. With today's technology there's no reason why most employees can't work from home, as long as production remains high, it's perfectly ideal.

First: As a woman, I save a fortune on business clothes, makeup and hair products. I don't need them on a daily basis anymore. I work from my home office, perfectly comfortable, only needing to put on said "business look" when I head out for a lunch meeting.

Second: I save a fortune on gas. Really. With gas prices where they are now I'm saving a lot of money by staying home, which is really helping our budget. If I bought into the carbon footprint, which I don't, not to the extent the environmentalists sell it, I'm certainly reducing mine. All in all, a very good thing for both sides. And I avoid the frustration of a twice daily commute, which of course reduces my blood pressure, frustration and stress. Always, always a very good thing.

Third: I actually work harder and produce more from home. There's no one dropping by my office to talk or waylaying me at the water cooler. I get up around six in the morning, put in several hours, break and take care of things and then back to work for several more hours. While working in an office, I was chomping at the bit to get out of there after putting in my requisite eight. But not now, it just doesn't feel like work, although it is. I put in a good eight to ten hours , sometimes fourteen, a day as a matter of course. Great for my boss. Great for me.

Of course, working from home requires discipline and self-motivation. Initially, I was putting in close to 20 hours a day. I had to stop, regroup and exercise discipline in keeping to a reasonable number of work hours in a single day. Self-motivation isn't a problem for me, never has been. And it seems to be that way for everyone at the company. We work hard to provide a wonderful place for you, our customers and clients, to browse, shop, read, listen . . . and enjoy yourself. Everything we do is to that end.

So here's to the Neighborhood! You're doing your part to protect the environment by having your employees work from home. Oh, and one more thing. By providing yourLDSneighborhood.com, you're allowing shoppers to go to one central online location and shop a number of vendors, products, services, authors, artists, musicians, photographers, articles, interviews and so much more. Therefore, you're saving them gas and money too! You just can't go wrong! yourLDSneighborhood . . . great place to be. Great newsletter, one of the favorite parts of my day. Wonderful music.

There are great changes ahead for yourLDSneighborhood and believe me, my friends, you you'll want to check it out. Every day there is something new and exciting.

Speaking of new and exciting: Join us at Neighborhood and Friends. yourLDSneighborhood has launched its own social network and it is a fantastic place to be. Connect with family, friends, musicians, authors and more. Share photos, music and videos. Join discussion groups on a variety of subject and simply have a blast in a safe, clean environment.

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