25 January 2010

Clueing Into Your Calling

As an active member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a wife, mother, teacher, author and editor, Lu Ann Staheli knows a lot about the necessities of simplifying. In today's newsletter, Lu Ann has focused her perspective on magnifying our callings in her article, "Simplify as You Magnify." She helps define what our leaders intended when they offered the counsel to magnify our callings. We certainly can hit a point of diminishing returns in our efforts to serve. In fact, the end results of our efforts may show we have failed to strengthen and serve those we are called to serve when we over embellish our callings. So take a sigh of relief and read four critical steps Lu Ann shares to simplify as you magnify your calling.

We each have purpose as a child of God. Sometimes when we are called to serve our purpose may not appear so clear to us. President Eyring in the November 2002 Liahona article, "Called to Serve" shares his understanding of how overwhelming and lost we may feel when we receive a new calling. He suggests that we look at our calling through spiritual eyes. In today's newsletter you can read President Eyring's encouraging words. You will learn what we need to know to go forth in confidence and fulfill our calling with the purpose the Lord has called us.

The last article Neighborhood News offers today is a shot in the arm by Annie at Segullah.com As a young and inexperienced, newly called Relief Society President, Annie learned a life long lesson in her first meeting with the Bishop. Read Annie's validating and honest approach in understanding and supporting those who are called to serve.
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What have you learned in the areas you have been called to serve? What has been your favorite or most difficult calling?

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