21 January 2010

What Are You Made Of?

Character development is a life long process...and then some. The gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints strongly encourages personal growth. Personal progression is the essence of our Father in Heaven's plan for each of us. Our lives are opportunities to grow and about learning what we are made of.

In today's issue of Neighborhood News, author and illustrator Lori Nawyn shares her beliefs and some personal experiences from her journey in finding and developing her inner strength. She is encouraging and persuasive in sharing the necessity to grow and in principle the simplicity of how.

Within the newsletter you will also find an article that is a shot in the arm for those already fading New Year's resolutions. What are we? The third week of January? A must read to steady our feet under us and shore up our resolve.

Who doesn't love the sweet words of President Faust? We visit a First Presidency Message from the February, 2003 Ensign entitled "Strengthening the Inner Self." He quotes a thoughtful author, "Everything here, but the soul of a man, is a passing shadow. The only enduring substance is within." In his gentle way, he walks us through the concept of all growth is spiritual and the importance of us taking care of our soul by keeping our vessel warmed with the spirit.

How are you developing your inner strength? What have you learned that can encourage the growth so many people desire? What are the hang ups on the way?

Please go here to view Friday, January 23rd's newsletter.

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