15 February 2010

Happy Presidents Day

Today's Neighborhood News brings Lisa Asanuma's blog on wisely using the tools available to us in the Internet, in her article All Tweets Aside: "It’s possible, even easy, to let social networking take over so much of your life that you start to mold yourself around it, and that can be a dangerous thing."

S. Faux, Ph.D. from Mormon Insights blogs about a President's religious belief in U.S. Presidents and their Religion: "No one claims it is easy to be President. Presidential decisions are difficult because they often approach the grey areas of morality."

Melissa Wiley gives us an excellent fruit cobbler recipe in her Presidents Day Dessert: "I thought that in honor of Presidents Day, I’d reprise this old post which contains a very nice cobbler recipe, if you can wade through all my nonsense to find it."
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