17 February 2010

Personal Touch

Rebecca Cressman's Personal Touch Interview with Liz Edmunds from The Food Nanny touches on topics such as kids, family dynamics and busy schedules. Liz says: "I have seen, especially in the 20s and 30s and maybe the young 40s crowd, just not getting together for family dinner." She gives ideas for theme dinners and how to simplify our lives and keep our families close together at dinner time.

Our regular contributor, Marie Ricks, from House of Order gives us a few tips on how to plan a Baby Shower on a Budget: "I gave my first baby shower last month. It was a labor of love for my daughter-in-law who has since delivered their firstborn son, Timothy. I learned a lot in the process about creativity, function, and fun. May I share some ideas with you?"

An article at SixWise reports on The 5 Benefits -- and a Few Risks -- of Eating Together at the Dinner Table: "Kids who eat dinner with their families regularly are less depressed, less likely to take drugs and alcohol and get better grades in school."

Jann & Cece from the cooking site CraziBeautiful Women give us a great recipe with wonderful, detailed pictures for a Bowtie Chicken Salad: "This salad is a meal all in itself! Filling pasta, savory chicken, cranberries and so much more! It's sure to be a hit with your family!"

To view a copy of Wednesday's, February 17th's, Neighborhood News, click here.

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