01 February 2010

Looking Ahead

The first article in our Monday, February 1st Neighborhood News is a reflective piece by the nationally recognized preparedness expert, Barbara Salsbury. Her article, "Mud Cakes and Alarm Clarks" is a stinging reminder of the current common day of the Haitians. Barbara's practical personal preparedness instincts are called forward as she sorts these matters of the heart.

Visiting teaching is a calling which is at the heart of the gospel. As a true disciple of Christ, sisters may proceed within the charge of their calling to perfect the saints, proclaim the gospel and care for the poor and the needy. A great work indeed! However, a women's touch often eases the way in the door and leaves sentiments that allow a fond recollection of the visit. The oft visited Sugar Doodle has prepared a creative and fun year's list of visiting gift ideas.

Valerie Albrechtsen is a mother of seven and author of the PreparedLDSFamily blog. Valerie was raised by parents who practiced preparedness principles and through her own family of nine has learned to be a wise steward over her blessings. She has created a month by month Food Storage and Preparedness Calendar that addresses the needs of most families. This is a valuable resource for any looking to be better prepared in 2010.

What are your most enjoyable memories of visiting teaching? Do you have plans for being further prepared by the end of the year? How are you preparing for upcoming events of 2010?

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