03 February 2010

Personal Touch

In today’s Personal Touch interview, Rebecca Cressman interviews Doug Nielsen. Doug has been speaking to audiences about taking ownership of their lives and relationships for 17 years. He’s the author of Take Life By The Helm! Proven Strategies for Gaining Control and says it was a chance meeting with author Victor Frankl that changed his own life and perspective. Though a popular speaker, Doug maintains his private psychotherapy practice one day a week. Doug earned his bachelor’s degree in Clinical Social Work and Psychology and later his Master’s degree in Behavioral Science in 1993 from the UNLV. A happily married father of four, Doug frequently counsels couples on how to create joyful and healthy relationships.

Listen today as Rebecca discusses four key concepts that Doug assures will help strengthen a marriage’s foundation or really any personal relationship. This interview is just what the doctor ordered for the love month!

Professional organizer, Marie Ricks of House of Order, applies her expert efficiency skills in finding ways anyone can offer humanitarian aid to Haiti. Marie’s resourceful list is widely varied including both the vast needs of Haitians and avenues for giving. If you are feeling compelled to give, but do not know how you can make a difference, turn your attention to, “How to Help Haiti Without Spending a Dime.” You are sure to find ideas that will help you broaden your capacity to give at any time.

In supporting the theme of marriage in today’s Personal Touch interview, Neighborhood News links to Tim Malone, a respected voice online and author of Latter-day Commentary. Tim and Carol have been married 26 years and are growing strong. In Tim's post, "The Sacred Power of Marriage" we can read that they have learned a few things on the way and share what keeps them committed.

Marriages are complex. It is optimal when both partners are working toward the same goal. But what happens when one spouse seems apathetic? When the couple is merely cohabitating? In the blog Ask A Therapist, one of the LDS therapists, Justin K. Shum, addresses a marriage problem of an emotionally and physically checked-out spouse. Read his advice and enjoy a video on marriage by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

All marriages have their high's and low's. What helps you maintain your perspective while riding the low's? What is your favorite quality you enjoy in your spouse? If you are single, do you think you can really prepare for marriage? If so, how? What if you are again single and looking at a second marriage?

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