10 February 2010

Personal Touch

Rebecca Cressman's Personal Touch Interview with Scott Taylor is entitled "Capturing Brotherly Love in Action." Scott Taylor is an experienced journalist who just returned from Haiti while on assignment for the Deseret News. He and his photographer, Jeff Allred, covered post-earthquake relief efforts, documenting the delivery of life-saving food, water, and blankets. He also captured the experiences of a team of volunteer LDS physicians and nurses. Listen to his reflections as they give each of us a window to see, in his own words, “true religion in action.”

Belinda Kuck, education consultant and motivational speaker, writes a monthly feature for the Neighborhood News, called Belinda's Corner. Today's article, "Family Scripture Study," tells of her experiences, as of late, meshing one of her most important roles, a mother, with her education expertise to help her young daughter's reading fluency. Read her family's journey in scripture study and learn tips to help your family.

Blogger Melissa M., as she is known at Segullah.org, has written an intriguing article "The Rain Falls on the Just and the Unjust." Michelle discusses how the matter of faith enters the judging arena for those who have suffered what some may consider God's punishments or trials of faith. What does it mean for those who have suffered a natural disaster? What of the brother whose home was burnt in a wild fire while his fellow ward member's home remained untouched? Visit Michelle's article and learn what she is saying about judgments of God.

David V. Baldwin PhD is a licensed Psychologist practicing in Eugene, Oregon. His clinical specialty is in the treatment of emotional trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), following a wide variety of stressful or traumatic events (including natural or man-made disasters). Dr. Baldwin has included in his trauma folders an article produced by the American Red Cross entitled, "You Are Not Alone." This expert document addresses the stages of emotional trauma and offers reassurance and helpful insights.

How have you been affected by the events in Haiti? Have these events propelled your desire to be faithful or have you had an increase in fear?

What has helped your family scripture study to be a successful journey?

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