08 February 2010

Prepare Your Heart

Today's Neighborhood News offers a little heart conditioning. Our first article, "A Month of Love" is by the popular LDS author, Heather B. Moore. In her teens, Heather had the unique experience of living in Jerusalem among the numerous sites where Jesus walked, taught and spent his final days. During this month of love, she reflects upon her time in Jerusalem and of one of the greatest commandments, to love one another as the Savior loves us. How can we truly understand the love the Savior has for each of us? Read what Heather has learned and each of can do to deepen our capacity to love.

Valentine's Day allows us to express how much we love and are grateful for the ones dearest to our heart. In relationships, we share our hopes and dreams held within our own hearts. It is a difficult thing to find a gift that captures those feelings and is not met with disappointment. Let us help say it for you. Positive Music and Downloads has a wide variety of love songs by numerous artists. There are some melodies that stay with us forever, calling to mind a lifetime of cherished memories with special people. Find a new song to express your love, capture a memory, or just get in the mood for Valentine's with these love songs.

Does Valentine's make your heart sing? It is true with many celebrations that the countdown is half the fun. If your heart is already bubbling over in excitement or perhaps you need some ideas to help you celebrate this day of love, we have the hook up for you. Tasha of Creation Corner has a lot of fun with all things Valentine's. She is an active crafter and has her finger on the pulse of the crafter's world. Visit her varied collection of Valentine's to do's and find how you can put your heart into hand-made this holiday.

Valentine's Day evokes many emotions, but one thing most all can agree on, is we all need to give our love and be loved. Have you noticed a connection between the state of your testimony and how easily you give love on any given day? Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions? What symbolizes love to you?

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