24 February 2010

Personal Touch

In today's Neighborhood News Rebecca Cressman talks to Brent Christensen in the Personal Touch interview. It's a touching account on how he's become an Ice Castle builder: "It started just with some spare time in the winters and a little bit of boredom really."

Cydne Watterson was mentioned at newsroom.lds.org, since she's not alone in her efforts to store food in case of an emergency: "Rough economic times are prompting more people to stretch their incomes and make food go further."

Last week we had a few technical difficulties with this article, but it's so good we decided to share it again. This is Marie Ricks' Baby Shower on a Budget.

Do you want to buy 50 dollars worth of groceries for 50 cents? This short movie posted by Briggitte at LDS Intelligent Living shows how to save with coupons. Enjoy!

To view a copy of Wednesday, February 24nd's Neighborhood News, click here.

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