22 February 2010

Sweet Musings

In today's Neighborhood News, Lu Ann Staheli brings to us her insights on "A Good Husband": "Love begets love, and unless we remain aware of the ways we treat each other, we may find ourselves moving apart instead of staying together. This can also be true within families and friendships, not just with romantic relationships and marriages."

We can keep our marriages healthy in many different ways. That's why Rachel Brunner, from About.com, brings to us "12 Ways to Have a Happy, Healthy Marriage": "Everyone in this life is affected by marriage, either that of their parents, their own, or their children's. Keeping a marriage strong while surviving life's trials can be a huge struggle, but learning from other's experiences can help us through these times."

What comes after a romantic dinner? A romantic dessert does, of course. Contributor Cindy dished up this recipe of to die for "Chocolate Truffles", and sent it to Carol Pellegrinelli from About.com.

To view a copy of Monday, February 22nd's, Neighborhood News, click here.

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