15 March 2010

Be Part of Relief Society

Welcome to the Neighborhood News!

When you've spent a long time in the Relief Society, you think it's an easy thing to just go and be a part of a group. But what if you're a new sprout to such group, or a transplant? What do you do then?

Well, we can find out by reading Lisa Asanuma's post "Every Woman Needs Relief Society (Even Me!)". There are many ways to accept the fact that we're growing older (or 'up'?), and at some point in our lives we'll also realize that, yes, we need the Relief Society. We need the company of other women, younger or older than ourselves, and ready to give advice and help at any moment's notice. Isn't that why we're here? To help each other, and grow from that experience?

The other side of the coin has Laura Hilton Craner, a Depressed (but not unhappy) Mormon Mommy, from butnotunhappy.blogspot.com, who found a lot more than she bargained for when she went to her meetings on a Sunday. Let her tell you what she found and what she learned at Church, in her article "It's Just Too Hard". My heart goes out to people with depression, I wish there was a more effective way to treat such condition. All we can do is offer to help and hope our offer will be accepted.

I invite you to go into this website, SugarDoodle.com, and watch this video that danjolene put together about the Relief Society. It's very inspirational, and reminds you of good things, and good people. As you watch it, you'll feel the positive influence that can come from hundreds of thousands of women that are doing what they can to bring the Kingdom of our Father here on earth.

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  1. I love Relief Society and welcome the diverse knowledge it provides.

  2. When I walk into Relief Society it is like having a warm, fuzzy blanket wrapped around me. Love those sisters!

  3. Good newsletter articles! I especially liked where Lisa said, "I think this is the potential Relief Society has for influencing every single life—not just of the sisters, but of the brethren, also—the possibility of lessening the burdens and increasing the happiness of each and every member."