12 March 2010

Do You Know Where Your Ancestors Are?

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Sometimes we don't realize all the advancements we have practically at our fingertips that could help us achieve so much in looking for what is lost, or forgotten.

Check out this story from Cindy Beck, in which she's so drawn to what these people are doing in the church library. What are they doing? Read on and you'll figure it out. It's a good read, and you'll love the way the story is put together. Plus her amazing writing skills will pull you in and you'll want to finish reading it. 

From the earliest times in human history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples. Some people don't know why we the members of the LDS church want to have the blessings of temples around us. This article from mormon.org explains in simple terminology, the need we have nowadays for these buildings. One of the reasons is to seal our families to that of our ancestors. We want to be connected to them. We want to be able to fullfil the promise made by Malachi, and the times are here when we can have the oportunity to turn our hearts toward our ancestors. We have all we need to do this work.

On the lighter side of family history, make it interesting for your children. Here's an activity that can be done during FHE, or with a group of relatives, or youth activity. Put it together and enjoy the results.

It's Friday again. And you know what that means! Enjoy Free Download Friday at yourLDSradio. We're featuring Irene Peery-Fox, a piano virtuoso from BYU. Piano fans will want to collect this first volume of the forthcoming Irene Peery series.

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