26 March 2010

Fantastic Friday

Welcome to the Neighborhood News!

I believe that Cindy Beck is not the only one with meandering thoughts this week. Today’s newsletter ended up being a potpourri of different ideas and entries.

First, we begin with Cindy Beck’s Family Home Evening lesson “Discouraging Smoking.” With her master touch, she brings to life two children who are trying to decide how to use their agency: to smoke or not to smoke? Then she builds her lesson around that story, and brings it to you, step by step; even treats are included.

Next, we have Tasha, from CreationCorner.com. She’s musing about the word ‘Happiness’, and explaining to all of us why she makes that choice. She even says: “So, to any of you who need a little saying for the year here is mine: I choose happiness.”

Also, we found a way to make a wall look bright and inviting. So, let’s just put it in the newsletter! Alyson Lind contributed this “Atypical Wall Art” idea to ShelterPop.com, and we thought it was delightful and fun. Did you know that “used (and cleaned) fruit and veggie trays can be repurposed into 3-D art. Use same-colored push pins to connect them to the wall in a modular display.” Check it out!

Last, but not least: it’s Friday! That means we have Free Download Friday at yourLDSradio. We’re featuring 4ordained and their album "Standard Bearer". Come in, get your download and listen to their glorious sound.

To view a copy of Friday, 26 March's Neighborhood News, click here.


  1. Thanks for running my article. I appreciate it.

    And I really enjoyed Alyson Lind's article ... thought the idea to use potholders to decorate a wall was cute!

    Keep up the good work!


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