24 March 2010

Personal Touch

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In today's Personal Touch interview, Rebecca Cressman turns the spotlight on the Easter bunny: Barbara Kenig is known as the Easter Bunny of Las Vegas. She is the founder and coordinator of E BUNNY, a volunteer outreach program that collects and delivers thousands of Easter baskets to homeless and underprivileged children throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

“Visiting teaching is hard, isn’t it?” That’s the beginning line of Heather Moore’s latest article ‘Visiting Teaching … Again?' Now, let me ask, is it hard? Let’s have a read and see how the story develops, and figure out if we can get inspired and do better. Of course life sends us in every direction, sometimes we don’t know which way we’re going, and thinking of someone else is just so out there. However, we know that blessings come from doing what’s right.

There’s this place called VisitingTeaching.net, you should visit it. They have all kinds of ideas for visiting teachers, you’ll be amazed. A submission by Rebecca Stoker looked so great, we decided to pair it with Heather’s article. It’s called ‘Scripture Scholar Crossword’. You can bring it and give it as part of a gift, or use it as a conversation starter.

We also have our guest contributor Melanie Adams. She’ll tell you why is so good to listen to yourLDSradio, and she will also re-introduce to you some of the people that make the radio unique. In her own words: “Through the expertise of Cherie Call, Rebecca Cressman and Steven Kapp Perry, yourLDSradio is anxiously engaged in providing you music, artists, and interviews of interests.”

To view a copy of Wednesday, 24 March's Neighborhood News, click  here.

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