10 March 2010

Personal Touch

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It is really exciting to announce Rebecca Cressman's Personal Touch interview this week. Rebecca talks to the renowned composer Lex De Azevedo, and touch on his collaboration with the Millenium Choral Society.
This Easter season, on March 19th and 20th, Lex is bringing his latest musical score to the stage, “Hosanna! The Life of Christ III – His Final Days” will be performed at The First Presbyterian Church in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The lyrics are drawn solely from the King James Version of the Bible and chronicle the last week of the Savior’s earthly ministry from His entry to Jerusalem to Golgotha and on to His triumphant resurrection. It's a great opportunity to go and be a witness to this

Alicia B. Bates, a contributor to Segullah. com, beautifully expresses how she feels about music in her piece titled "The Music Within". She tells us: "My earliest childhood memories place me on my father’s lap. Through laughter and lullabies, I found love and security in the arms of my father as he instilled within me a love of music."

MoSop, from MormonSoprano.com, brings the spotlight to this year's song for the youth of the Church, in the article called "Everywhere I Go, A Song of Courage". Let me quote from the article: "Each year the YM and YW of the LDS Church (ages 12-18) receive a scriptural theme which will be a focal point for lessons, activities, youth camps, and firesides." There's also a short movie with this song.

Did you know that yourLDSradio.com has a new music stream? The LDS Hymns is available for dowload at your own convenience. Listen to the songs of the heart any time, day or night.
Melanie Adams, our music contributor says: "Each day we are to aspire to be better. Is there something that can gently remind us throughout our day to be more Christ-like? 'Inspiring music may fill the soul with heavenly thoughts, move one to righteous action, or speak peace to the soul.' Pres. Ezra Taft Benson."

We hope that today's newsletter touched your musical ears as much as your hearts. Please email us with any thoughts about music, and how it makes you feel. Thank you.
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