19 March 2010

Spring Clean Your Life

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Ahhhhhh! ... Can you smell it? Is spring, and all that it brings with it: flowers -pollen-, showers, warmer temperatures, and shiny days. Of course, there's also the usual rite of the season: spring cleaning. It comes around every year, right?

Momza, from Momza's House tells us that she really enjoys spring cleaning, in her article "Spring Cleaning at our House!" She also tells us how she and her family decide on the chores to get a job well done. I like the way she thinks!

At MormonTimes.com, contributor Amanda Mears talks about "Curing clutter: Staying organized key to spring cleaning". Of course! That's the answer to spring cleaning. We just need to be, and stay, organized.

And it's always fun to have a good time during family night. This lesson "FHE Service Project: Cleaning Up is Fun to Do..." will teach your family to focus on serving the community and taking care of the beautiful Earth we live on.

As always, on Fridays, we feature an artist at yourLDSradio. Today's Free Download Friday brings The BYU Men's Chorus, and their recording "Awake My Soul". This Chorus is said to be one of the largest and finest of its kind in the nation. Enjoy their music!

To view a copy of Friday, 19 March's Neighborhood News, click here

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