22 March 2010

Have Hope to Overcome

Welcome to the Neighborhood News!

Today's topic brings the most sober part of us outward. It’s not an easy burden to have a personality disorder, or know of someone who does.

Our contributor, Russ Beck, talks about one of these disorders in his blog On the Couch… by Russ Beck. The article is “Borderline Personality Disorder”, and Russ’ report is very analytical, the account precise; he goes from a case study, to the analysis, and ends with a real life application. And makes all of it simple for us to understand.

We continue with a video from Mormon Messages. I wanted to bridge the two reports we have this Monday with this message, parts of which were taken from a talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf in General Conference (October 2008). President Uchtdorf’s talk is “The Infinite Power of Hope”. Please watch this video that will touch your heart, and you’ll know that what he says is true.

Our last article touches on Bipolar Disorder. You can find this article in KidsHealth.org. It gives a clear account of what the disorder is, what the symptoms are, how it affects people, the diagnosis, treatment and how to deal with someone who has the disorder. It is very informative.

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  1. Good newsletter!Since Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorders affect many people, it's nice to see articles on them.