03 March 2010

Personal Touch

We have a treat in the Neighborhood News this week.

Rebecca Cressman brings to us a bowling champion. From bowling a perfect game of 300, through a car crash and painful rehabilitation treatments, to being confined in a wheelchair, Ken Reid has risen above all that and is now an expert in vocational rehabilitation. Ken now builds his life around sharing his expertise with those who have disabilities to help them as he says "claim freedom through determination, tools, and resources." Listen to his amazing journey in the Personal Touch interview.

Our regular contributor, Marie Ricks, muses about Spring and all the colors that come with it, in her article "Shades of Emerald, Sage and Avocado": "It is springtime again. The circle of seasons is beginning again, and with each year, it seems I'm a new color of green in my soul."x
Elder Russell M. Ballard counsels us to learn wisdom, in his talk "O Be Wise": "May we focus on the simple ways we can serve in the kingdom of God, always striving to change lives, including our own."
And Rachel Brunner from lds.about.com has a whole collection of candy wrappers to make as crafts, for gifts or just as a fun activity with children or youth. "These printable, LDS candy wrappers cover candy bars. Perfect for fun handouts and gifts, these wrappers are a fun way to share a message. There are tons of wrappers to choose from too!"
Would you like to share with us the topics you're most interested in? What drives your attention? Want to tell us what you don't want to hear about? We're very interested to hear your views. Thanks!
To view a copy of Wednesday, March 3rd's, Neighborhood News, click here.

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