05 March 2010

Forgiveness Repentance Charity

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How easy is it to forgive someone who's hurt us? And, is forgiveness the same as trust? According to Russ Beck, in his article "Forgiveness and Trust", they're not at all the same. He says: "It is easy to get the concepts of forgiveness and trust confused. Many people believe they are the same, when in reality they are completely separate." Come in and read about it.

Also, can repentance and forgiveness strenghten a marriage? In January of this year, Rick Miller spoke to students at BYU, and said: "As individuals are quick to repent and quick to forgive, marriages are strengthened", but he added that "the principles of repentance and forgiveness apply to all relationships." Read about his talk as reported by Marianne Holman for the Church News.

Tricia Krietzberg, from BellaOnline, shares her ideas about President Lincoln, saying: "Abraham Lincoln was a great man, a great hero, a great leader to admire, respect and to learn from. ... And here’s a quality that we don’t hear often about: Lincoln was incredibly charitable." Shouldn't we know more about the great men that forged our nation?

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  1. Wonderful articles. Forgiveness, trust, and charity are all so important!