15 April 2010

For Your Soul, yourLDSradio.com

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Berthold Auerbach

To gain experience in this life, most certainly one must kick up a little dust. Whether you are looking to sing from your dust cloud or rest your weary feet from the trail you’ve trodden, yourLDSradio.com is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We recently heard from a listener who was looking to settle a little dust one troubled evening:

“Last Wednesday night, my 7 mo. old little boy was suffering from teething and two ear infections. He was miserable, screaming and crying, and could not get to sleep. So I gave him a blessing. Right as I finished the blessing a prompting came to my mind that Hymns could be very soothing. “What the heck” I thought. I tuned in LDS HYMNS on my phone. The MOMENT the music started he stopped crying to listen. Within a few seconds he smiled. And within a few minutes:

My wife and I were blown away at how quick and powerful the effect was.”
We are grateful for the comforting embrace the Hymns provided this sweet babe in arms. The spirit of good music indeed soothes one’s soul.

We also recognize that a rapid growing number of you are tuning in via internet, mobile devices, and wi-fi radio to enjoy the music available through yourLDSradio.com. Since our launch in November 2008, we have been thrilled to be a part of the movement in LDS music. Never before has this genre received such an influx of talent and listeners. We are currently ranked number two of 370 inspirational stations hosted by Live 365, one of the largest radio hosting companies on the web. From December 2008-December 2009, over 400% more listeners found a comfortable spot at yourLDSradio.com. Thank you for supporting yourLDSradio.com, and ultimately, LDS music talent.

If you find you are particularly interested in “that one song” or the style of a performer, visit Positive Music and Downloads to buy your own copy. We have thousands of songs available, and are adding more all the time. Our online store is a fabulous and incredibly convenient resource; music shopping without sifting through songs and images that are of no interest to our listeners. Please note we have gift cards available for you so your friends and loved ones may personalize their music choice. Also, look for your free download in each Friday’s issue of our newsletter, Neighborhood News. If you are not yet subscribed, you may do so here.

It has been said “Music is what feelings sound like.” Well, there is sunshine in our soul today as we rejoice in the blessings of our life and forge our future bringing you music that makes a difference.

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