14 April 2010

Personal Touch

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In today's Personal Touch interview, Rebecca Cressman talks to Shawni Eyre Pothier who is first and foremost a wife and a mother to six of her favorite people. Aside from trying to figure out how to bottle her children up and keep them at her side forever, she enjoys photography and writing which has led to publishing her first book co-authored with her mother Linda Eyre titled A Mother's Book of Secrets. They have also recently launched the I Love Lucy Project to help raise funds for research to fight blindness since her youngest daughter, Lucy, has been diagnosed with a syndrome that causes vision loss.

Speculative fiction author Daron Fraley brings to us his post "Burning Books and How to Navigate Paradigms of Reality". Even though it sounds like a mouth full, it's a good read on choices we have about books that our children should read. And what's a paradigm anyway? Well, read and you'll find out.

If you like decorating, or moving furniture around to get a different look, or just love a fresh idea, take a look at this post. The pictures alone will make you want to start looking for vintage items you can decorate with. The ideas come from LaurieAnna, from "LaurieAnna's Vintage Home" and in this post she shows how to make over a bedroom. It's lovely!

I thought that bringing something to do with Mother's Day was a bit early, until I started seeing all these posts and ads on the subject, then I didn't feel I was getting ahead of anyone. From "LucyKate Crafts" we get a cute mother swan and three cygnets, all handmade, with great pictures and the significance for the craft.

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